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About - Italian virtuosity and heritage

Our love for design, woodworking and fabrics is based on the home and country of our founder: Italy. The passion and affection for life and the beautiful things in it are more refined there and come naturally to everyone growing up in a classic Italian household. With time, our gusto and company evolved into something bigger than just a passion. We collected the best materials the world can offer. We put together the most skilled craftsmen to build on. The passion had become a vocation: To transform ideas into fine furniture.

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Exceeding the standards

Our results are stunning, closer to fine art than just furniture, and they are the product of decades of experience. We early realized that it is important to not only represent and manufacture what people need today, but adapt to the fresh and pristine designs of tomorrow: As tastes and needs evolve, so will our products.
Progress and responsibility

Ensuring the level of our products, we took it to our name – quality is one of the principles of our company. But it is not just that: in this ever revolving world, it is important to think economically and sustainably. We are dedicated to shape ideas into reality, and committed to our social and environmental impact: By reducing our carbon footprint via improved manufacturing and being an exemplary company of the highest quality to our customers. Further on, we were able to create a work process, that ensures a 100% accuracy and perfect reproduction of any order with 95% material utilization, minimizing residue and lower costs for our customers and the environment.